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Artist in Singapore?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the public art scene, anonymously if you like

My research in Singapore is about understanding, how art finds its way to public space here. I've interviewed administration, as well as architects and urban planners, and would now like to get the point of view of the art field. How do you feel about public space as a field of work? Is it interesting? Is it hard to get to? Boring? Let me know what you think in the 3 minute questionnaire below, or at the event at Instinc Residency Center - Friday 28th of October, 7 to 9 PM, where the results of this study so far will be published and discussed. (Facebook event here.)

"There was a prize...?" - Yes. Answer this survey and come at the Friday event - 3 first responders that arrive will get a limited edition gift of Finnish design and treats!

Results will be published early November on this site.


Public art in Singapore - the artist's point of view

Do you identify as a professional artist?
Do you see making art as the core of your professional identity - this is not about where the money comes from
How do feel about making an artwork in public space?
As an artist,
PErsonal experience
Have you done art in public spaces?
Public artwork is here understood as something anyone can see in public space, without entering a building.
If yes, how was it?
pick as many options as fit your experience, generalizing based on your experiences
Artist inside the design field - thoughts about new professional roles
Would you be intersted in working as an artist inside a team of urban planners / designers?
Your job would be to design artistic details to city spaces, such as paving patterns, street furniture, or other forms or objects that the public space needs. You could put as much artistic content into them as possible, as long as they remain safe to use. (more info about this approach can be found at the bottom of this page)
Extra - dreaming the future of public art
Contact details - optional
If you like, tell me who you are
If you like, you can provide more information about yourself or about your relation to the field of public art.

More info about artist working inside a urban planning and design team:

After my experiences on the field, I have a special interest in what one could call an "integrated art production model". That is, that instead of placing an artwork into an already planned and built space, artist is involved in the design team, and the artworks are designed to become an integral part of the cityscape. I've written more about the approach here.

This questionnaire is part of an independent research project led by artist, architect Maija Kovari. You can find more info trough the links below:

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