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Warmth and love, and bikes - new project in Tapiola


Warmth and love, and bikes - new project in Tapiola

Maija Kovari

The joyful creatures of the renown graphic artist Seela Petra will take central stage in the public artwork to be opened together with the Ainoa commercial centre in Tapiola, fall 2019. Public Art Agency Finland will facilitate the production process of the project made possible trough collaboration with the city of Espoo and EMMA - Espoo museum of modern art.

The work will consist of several groups of individual creatures, that form connected stories on the walls of the large scale bicycle park to be built annexed to the commercial centre.


The colorful background together with the warmth of the artists characteristic style create a joyful atmosphere, that connects the different stories inside the space.


Still in the early stages of development, the work consist of printed characters mounted on the wall as groups. 


The role for us will be to help the artist in the production process, prepare the contracts between the city and the artist, and in general, in any way we can, make the integration of a contemporary artwork in to a public design project run as smoothly as possible.

Stay tuned for more photos of Seela Petra's wonderful creatures - and do follow her Instagram...


All photos by Seela Petra.